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You can certainly sell your home on your own but hiring an agent makes the process a lot easier and faster. More importantly, since an experienced agent knows the prevailing pricing trend in market he can give you accurate advice about pricing your property correctly. An experienced agent is also a great help in telling you how to prepare your home for sale and during negotiations.

Definitely! Making your home look appealing to prospective buyers is a critical first step in the selling process. Repainting the outer walls, ensuring that the frontage and overall appearance of the home give a positive first impression ensures that the maximum number of potential buyers is attracted. Also, a home that looks cared for and well maintained does garner a better price than one that is in a state of disrepair.

A pre- settlement inspection is quite a normal practice in home sale deals. Right before he signs the sale deed, the buyer simply wants to make sure that the home is in the same condition as it was during his initial visit(s). Allowing the buyer to do so build his confidence in you and in having made the right choice of property to buy.


Every buyer has his/her own set of lifestyle needs and preferences that may or may not remain constant depending on whether financial constraints crop up or there’s a change from what was originally anticipated. Matching your needs with the right home, is therefore, not as easy as you may imagine. With Professionals, you can align properties with your requirements without any stress. We research homes, sort through listings and leverage our knowledge of local markets to narrow your search until you have zeroed in on your top two or three choices.

A qualified buyer’s agent is obliged to provide advice and advocacy throughout the entire home buying process. We work with your best interests at heart, taking the time to understand your needs and what’s motivating your purchase.
Remember, unless you share a rapport with your real estate agent, the process of acquiring a home or property may feel frustrating and exhausting. Our friendly and professional agents make you feel comfortable right away. We communicate transparently and patiently with you, ensuring that you stay on top of things at all times.

We offer end-to-end assistance and counsel. Negotiating with the seller is one of the most important tasks in the home purchase process. We lead negotiations on your behalf, which include preparation of all forms required to make offers and counteroffers. We follow up on the pre-settlement inspection. We are present at closing to ensure that your interests are protected.


Yes we do! It is imperative that you don’t make an emotional renting decision. It’s good that you’ve found the property you love, but check the following as well: The condition of the house – water pressure in taps, possible leakage in toilet and bathroom, paint on the walls, signs of pests and so on. Make a list of all the repairs that need to be done before you move in. The facilities provided – TV aerial, phone connection, laundry, stove, parking space, garden, lawn and so on. Location – how far is the nearest bust stop, train station, supermarket, school, alternate transport routes and other basic facilities. Safety – the crime rate in the locality, demographics of house holds and so on.

Yes. Insurance is always a good idea, even when you’re renting. Whilst the property owner will have landlord insurance, this only covers the property and not the contents that belong to the tenant. Insuring your contents will protect yourself in the case of theft, fire or other accidents.

The lease is in fact, very critical to protecting your rights as a tenant. It includes information pertaining to the rent you should pay, conditions of entry, rules of continuing the agreement after expiry and other special requirements of the landlord. The lease is taken out for a specific period of time, during which you are legally required to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in it. Note that the lease can not mitigate your rights under Australian law.
Should you want to vacate the property before expiry of your lease (break your lease), you’ll be liable to paying rent as long as the landlord doesn’t find someone to replace you. Some landlords may have other conditions for breaking a lease that you must follow.

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